Tuesday, December 23, 2008

O.K.....Here's One on Which I Am F-O-R Obama!

I never said I'd be completely anti-Obama...despite my conviction he is ill-prepared, and not ready for prime time....plus a loud and verbose empty suit. Still, he is making some right moves, and here is one on which I hartily endorse him....IF he follows through!

Ottomatic at Wizbang details Obama's drug law/enforcement position.

I am one of those who feel he needs to do this NOW....but, reality suggests he will do it later....perhaps in a 2nd term...if that occurs.

We are long overdue to replace our terrible enforcement of random drug laws. Alcohol is OK; Cigarettes/tobacco tolerated at arms length, and Marijuana is VILE & EVIL. BS pure and simple my friends.


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