Saturday, December 27, 2008

Obama Spawning "Disappointment" Bumper Snickers!

Seems there are apparently LOTS of former Obamassiah fans who are disappointed!

You'll find the sales HERE!

Does not take long for newly-elected folks to begin moving from what they said to what they either believe or find the only workable solution.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

L. A. Times Gets One Headline RIGHT!


"Obama Team Probe of Obama Team Finds No Obama Team Impropriety!"

Say W-H-A-T?????

Oh My God!.....So, if I decided I am innocent, then that settles it.....OOPS! Sorry, I forgot; I AM NOT THE ONE!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

O.K.....Here's One on Which I Am F-O-R Obama!

I never said I'd be completely anti-Obama...despite my conviction he is ill-prepared, and not ready for prime a loud and verbose empty suit. Still, he is making some right moves, and here is one on which I hartily endorse him....IF he follows through!

Ottomatic at Wizbang details Obama's drug law/enforcement position.

I am one of those who feel he needs to do this NOW....but, reality suggests he will do it later....perhaps in a 2nd term...if that occurs.

We are long overdue to replace our terrible enforcement of random drug laws. Alcohol is OK; Cigarettes/tobacco tolerated at arms length, and Marijuana is VILE & EVIL. BS pure and simple my friends.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Guilty Despite Innocence?

Obama appears to be completely innocent in the Blago saga.....but At the question is why is he acting so guilty and parsing phrases?

The entire time I have been listening to Obama...from an announced candidate to today he has, to me, always seemed to choose the Bill Clinton line of never addressing anything directly or completely.

I distrust instinctively anyone who does so.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Obama and Company To Be Dragged Into Blago Scene?

Little Green Footballs touches on the possibility.

This ain't gonna be over in the near-future, and there is sure a L-O-T of silence coming from Team Obama!

I sonehow feel Rahm is gonna meetr the face of others tossed under the bus, but the fact that has not happened would indeed suggest there are closer ties to Obama himself.

Keep those ears on folks....more to come.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Obama's Rules, or Chicago Rules?"

In the L A Times Doyle McManus writes: "Barack Obama may soon face a defining dilemma in the wake of Illinois Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich's alleged attempt to sell the president-elect's Senate seat: What standard of conduct should Obama impose on aides acting on his behalf?"

Indeed. Prior to January swearing in Obama will be tested....not by terrorists, although that could also occur, but more by this situation with Blago.

McManus continues: "By now, three days after the prosecutor blew the whistle, Obama should know what most of the facts are. When the governor's side said they wanted something in return for putting Jarrett in the Senate, how did Obama's aide react? By rebuffing the idea and calling the police? (That would have been the most prudent response.) Or in some less stiff-necked way that in the cold light of a transcript will look less high-minded?

In short, when Obama's team talked with the governor, were they operating under Obama's rules -- or Chicago rules? More important: How will Obama react if someone on his team made a misstep?

His actions over the next week could set a tone for his administration. They will mark a real-world test of his rhetoric about ethics and transparency.

"There are clever politicians who conduct all their phone conversations as if they knew a tape was running," said Suzanne Garment, a lawyer who has written extensively on modern political scandals. "Let's hope that happened here."

But, she noted, "even if they behaved like model citizens, it's likely that there's something on the tape that will be at least a minor embarrassment."

This indeed gathers steam as the plot rolls along, and it may get a loud louder in the near future...although I agree with one FOXNews statement yesterday morning that most likely Fitzgerald ran with his best shot when he unveiled the limited conversation recorded from the hundreds of hours of material available.

McManus' entire LATimes piece is here!


"A Little Blago For Everyone!"

I read somewhere that the reason the Illinois Governor's name quickly became "Blago" was because traditional journalists have lost the ability to spell without a spellchecker!

National Review Online's Editor-At-Large Jonah Goldberg tells the tail on Mr. Blagojevich.

This is better than when the CBS/Rather idiocy was imploding. And, it will get more interesting before it is over, I am sure. We may all be treated to some views of several Democrat leaders not previously available.